President & Vice President

Jacki is a graduate of York Technical College with a degree in Dental Health Science and former Dental Assistant of 10 years, turned patient advocate and primary care taker for Harlan during his nearly 2 year battle with Ependymoma, brain cancer. 

Jonathan is a graduate of North America Institute of Aviation, 14 year employee with the Air National Guard, turned primary bread winner, family rock and secondary care taker for Harlan. 

Never did they imagine that their roles in life would bring them to this point; president and vice president of a 501(c)3 non-profit in honor of their beloved son, Harlan John. 

"Childhood cancer means a unnecessary struggle for a innocent child.  A battle that should never have to be fought.  It means more than the disease, it means life long debilitating set backs and in some cases a premature death.  A death that essentially should and could have been avoided with the proper advancements in medicine. 

Harlan's Heroes was born just two weeks after the passing of our sweet Harlan.  Often there is criticism for "never properly grieving".  There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  This is our way to redirect our grief in the most powerful and meaningful way we see possible.   Harlan will forever be "the Hero" but it is our turn to be the "Heroes" for the little ones among us.  For all the Harlan's who are waging a war that should never have to be fought.  To be a organization that will stand strong for a innocent child, for a fighting family and to help be a advocate and monstrous voice; that's Harlan's Heroes. 

To never be able to see, hear or touch the flesh of your child is beyond gut wrenching.  Nothing will ever truly replace the Harlan size chunk that is missing from us.  Being a part of a non-profit that allows families more time to be a family is priceless.  It helps fill a void in our hearts that we never imagined was possible." - Jacki and Jonathan; Harlan's Mommy & Daddy

Jacki Sullins