Event Coordinator

Jenna is a graduate of Winthrop University with a BS in Biology.  She is a Clinical Research Associate with 10+ years specializing in coordinating and managing ophthalmology and otolaryngology clinic trails. 

"To me, childhood cancer is an evil that we must all work to treat and hopefully cure.  It can strike at any time, with any child, even our own.  Childhood cancer robs our kids of their innocence, playfulness, and all to frequently, their lives.  Childhood cancer is something so dangerous, and yet we are powerless to protect our children.

Harlan was an incredibly strong and brave little boy that was oh so sweet.  My son used to play with him and pull him around in a tractor.  Seeing that kind spirit taken away stirs up something inside you.  There is something that you must do to help.  I am honored to be a part of Harlan's Heroes.  Every single person can make a difference towards childhood cancer, even if it means taking a present to the hospital to brighten some little ones day.  Harlan's Heroes is doing that and so much more.  Together, we can all do something to show that childhood cancer will not win.

Being involved with a non-profit means that we can truly give of ourselves.  Since Harlan's Heroes is strictly voluntary, you know that every single person present really wants to be there.  Seeing so many awesome people get together to provide help and hope to these families is an amazing thing." - Jenna

Jacki Sullins