President & Vice President

Jacki is a graduate of York Technical College with a degree in Dental Health Science and former Dental Assistant of 10 years, turned patient advocate and primary care taker for Harlan during his nearly 2 year battle with Ependymoma, brain cancer. 

Jonathan is a graduate of North America Institute of Aviation, 14 year employee with the Air National Guard, turned primary bread winner, family rock and secondary care taker for Harlan. 

Never did they imagine that their roles in life would bring them to this point; president and vice president of a 501(c)3 non-profit in honor of their beloved son, Harlan John. 

"Childhood cancer means a unnecessary struggle for a innocent child.  A battle that should never have to be fought.  It means more than the disease, it means life long debilitating set backs and in some cases a premature death.  A death that essentially should and could have been avoided with the proper advancements in medicine. 

Harlan's Heroes was born just two weeks after the passing of our sweet Harlan.  Often there is criticism for "never properly grieving".  There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  This is our way to redirect our grief in the most powerful and meaningful way we see possible.   Harlan will forever be "the Hero" but it is our turn to be the "Heroes" for the little ones among us.  For all the Harlan's who are waging a war that should never have to be fought.  To be a organization that will stand strong for a innocent child, for a fighting family and to help be a advocate and monstrous voice; that's Harlan's Heroes. 

To never be able to see, hear or touch the flesh of your child is beyond gut wrenching.  Nothing will ever truly replace the Harlan size chunk that is missing from us.  Being a part of a non-profit that allows families more time to be a family is priceless.  It helps fill a void in our hearts that we never imagined was possible." - Jacki and Jonathan; Harlan's Mommy & Daddy



Nina is a graduate of Carolinas College of Health Sciences with an associate degree in nursing. She works on a neonatal progressive unit as neonatal nurse.

“My inspiration for nursing and passion to help others was sparked by Harlan himself. Even during his battle with cancer, Harlan’s contagious smile and laughter would light up a room. He has taught me so much and has fueled my inspiration for helping others.

I have been volunteering with Harlan’s Heroes for a few years and was honored to become the secretary of such a great organization. Being a part of Harlan’s Heroes has been a very humbling experience. I have had the opportunity to meet so many courageous kids and their families. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is centered around helping children and their families who are experiencing reoccurring and terminal brain cancer and bringing awareness to pediatric cancer.” -Nina


Ashley is a graduate of CPCC with an associate degree in Computer Programming.  She is a mom to three wonderful kids and is one of Harlan’s aunts.

“Harlan and my youngest daughter were born only six weeks apart.  Jacki and I went through pregnancy together, compared stories, and were excited about our babies being so close in age.  They were supposed to be kids together.  They were supposed to play together.  They were supposed to grow up together.

Childhood cancer stole those dreams and so much more from us.  This is why I am dedicated to being involved with Harlan’s Heroes.  I don’t want any other family to go through this awful journey that is childhood cancer.  By being involved in helping these families, it helps to be able to put your grief into something positive.  It is so rewarding to know that you have been able to help a family that is going through some of the worst times in their life.” - Ashley


Marketing & Graphic Designer

Cortney is a graduate of Winthrop University with a BA in Art.  She was a Graphics Operator with Herff Jones, Graphic Designer with EmbroidMe and is currently a free-lance Graphic Designer and full-time mommy. 

"When Harlan was diagnosed in early 2013 with a malignant brain tumor, it made me realize how tragic of an issue childhood cancer is and how it can change the course of life in an instant.  Having a child this close in age to Harlan at the time of his (Harlan's) diagnosis really hit home for me and put into perspective just how precious of a gift life is.

When asked to take on the role as marketing and graphic design(er) for Harlan's Heroes, I did not hesitate to say yes.   Harlan's Heroes has given me the opportunity to use my God given talent of art and design to help spread awareness of childhood cancer.  It has also allowed me to be involved with a wonderful group of people that share the same goal of helping families with children that have recurring brain cancer."- Cortney

Event Coordinator

Jenna is a graduate of Winthrop University with a BS in Biology.  She is a Clinical Research Associate with 10+ years specializing in coordinating and managing ophthalmology and otolaryngology clinic trails. 

"To me, childhood cancer is an evil that we must all work to treat and hopefully cure.  It can strike at any time, with any child, even our own.  Childhood cancer robs our kids of their innocence, playfulness, and all to frequently, their lives.  Childhood cancer is something so dangerous, and yet we are powerless to protect our children.

Harlan was an incredibly strong and brave little boy that was oh so sweet.  My son used to play with him and pull him around in a tractor.  Seeing that kind spirit taken away stirs up something inside you.  There is something that you must do to help.  I am honored to be a part of Harlan's Heroes.  Every single person can make a difference towards childhood cancer, even if it means taking a present to the hospital to brighten some little ones day.  Harlan's Heroes is doing that and so much more.  Together, we can all do something to show that childhood cancer will not win.

Being involved with a non-profit means that we can truly give of ourselves.  Since Harlan's Heroes is strictly voluntary, you know that every single person present really wants to be there.  Seeing so many awesome people get together to provide help and hope to these families is an amazing thing." - Jenna