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Stickers for a Hero

For a child that is confined to one location, much like sweet Harlan in his last 7 months on this earth, stickers help to fill the time.  Harlan felt like he was productive, he was able to play with the stickers with limited assistance, and most importantly, it produced lots of giggles. 

Harlan's Heroes has decided to do a sticker drive.  Sounds silly maybe.  Sounds pointless to some I'm sure.  But to these kids that are bound to a hospital room, bed or house because of neutropenia, or because treatments won't allow them to be a child, because they can no longer walk or play independently due to cancer and the treatments that have robbed them of there childhood...these stickers are more than silly and pointless.

Stickers are inexpensive.  You can find them anywhere.  Heck, I've bought some from the dollar store!  Anyone can do this!  Harlan's Heroes will be mailing these stickers all over the country!  The more stickers we get, the more we can give!  It's that easy!

You can mail stickers to Harlan's Heroes! 

Harlan's Heroes
1646 West Hwy 160
PMB 8190
Fort Mill, SC 29708